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Picking Up Where I Left Off

My last post was published in April last year. But looking back on the year and a half since, it’s not surprising. The year 2016 was a pretty challenging time for me. So, aside from giving attention to health issues, I have since taken the time to reassess priorities. I scaled back writing to give myself much needed headspace. And I rediscovered things that I used to enjoy. I also read much, much more. I’ve continued the practices since. So, I consider the time of recalibration to be of great value, and none of it wasted.

As my fellow freelance writers would agree, it can get overwhelming at times. But as my time last year has taught me, one of the perks of getting older is the ability to gain more clarity. And I am learning the importance of self-care.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is writing. Much of what I write for work centres upon interior design and design in general. It’s been something I cover for much of my writing life. Aside from that, I also work on lifestyle topics, such as travel and food, and content marketing as well. There are several other things that I’m also interested in, and these are the things that I intend to write about as well.

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