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On a Particularly Hot Saturday, Head Out to Kranji Countryside Farmers Market

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One of the things I enjoyed in San Francisco was the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at Ferry Building. I love my greens, so seeing the variety of produce and local foods there was wonderful. There were tourists, but most of the people milling about were locals. On their shoulders, they had their cloth bags filled with their weekly supply of vegetables. A nice sight to warm a greenie’s heart on a cold weekend morning indeed.

I would say that buying local is one of the best movements in recent years, and it’s great to see it gaining traction here. In my not so humble opinion, I think it doesn’t make much sense to buy vegetables from as far a place as China when you could get fresher produce from this region. And you (and I) may love apples, but let’s not forget our regional fruits, which by the way are made to suit our equatorial systems. So, of course, I was pretty excited hearing about the Kranji Countryside Farmers Market, coined the first authentic farmers market.

Kranji Countryside Farmers Market will be held over two days (28 and 29 July) this weekend at D’Kranji Farm Resort. For the aspiring gardener or apartment farmer, check out the starter kits available. Alongside fish and organic vegetables from local farms, there are also craft foods and handmade products. It’s heartening to see a sprouting of cottage industries in Singapore’s urban landscape. I think there’s a lot of value in making something by hand and creating something out of nothing.

Because it’s located in far flung Kranji, it was a long journey through a long winding road past Kranji Reservoir, lots of greenery and the odd building or two. Then there was the scorching heat when we arrived. It wasn’t the kind of day to forget the sunscreen too, but that’s what happened.

Still, it was well worth the trip, sweltering heat and all. Though it was a little smaller than I expected, there’s a good mix of stalls. I get that the choice of location is to get people acquainted with Kranji. At the same time, though, maybe bringing the farms to the people by having a farmers market in the city area or heartlands would be another possible way to familiarise people with the whole concept. Of course, I have to admit that I have Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and how accessible it was for the people there, influencing that thought.

I’m not complaining though. What I enjoyed most was getting away from the crowd, in the quiet among the papaya trees and guava trees on the premises. After feeling the sensory overload, we knew it was time to head away from the busyness. But not without our stash of organic vegetables and passionfruit jam.

Kranji Countryside Farmers Market

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