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Good Things #4

Magis Limited Edition Infinity Rocker



1. XTRA in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation: Cancer strikes fear in many, especially if you’ve known anyone who had battled it. Here’s how you can shop and support a good cause. In support of the Breast Cancer Foundation, XTRA has introduced a limited edition selection of pink collectibles. Yes, the Magis puppy and the popular infinity rocker in pink. There’s also a side table by industrial designer George Soo and leather notebooks in shades of pink. Fifty per cent of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

2. Taxi drivers: Here’s a little nod to our taxi drivers. They ply the road and they have plenty of opinion about the world. Which makes the journey an interesting one if you let them speak. I’ve been a listening ear to a lot of humour and open sharing of issues. But here’s one that I particularly remember: discovering the video of this harmonica virtuoso playing William Tell Overture at Carnegie Hall, thanks to a taxi driver decked out in a white shirt, a black vest and a grey pageboy cap.

3. Festivals galore: This year, I made a visit to the Singapore Garden Festival and carted home more plants than I should. Marked in my calendar are Archifest and the Singapore Writers Festival.

4. Awesome reads: The thing is, there’s so much great content online. I have to say that Brainpickings weekly newsletter, which arrives in my inbox in time for my leisurely Sunday morning read, is among my favourites. Another fascinating read I came across was this article on The Art of Manliness, one of the sites I enjoy. The article sums up the Grant Study, the longest longitudinal study on men. It’s spanned more than 75 years. Now, that’s mindblowing. I have a strong suspicion that what works for men to flourish in life would apply to women as well.

Image: XTRA

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