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Good Things #3

Gallery & Studio Magazine


Oh wow. Is it going to be June already?

1. Art vibes: The number of art fairs in Singapore is rising and the art scene is growing here. It’s fun to get artists’ and gallery owners’ perspective on art, so I’m glad to be writing for a new magazine called Gallery & Studio. Its inaugural issue came out this month. Three covers to choose from too!

2. Getting older with music: As a little birthday present to myself and now that I’m this close to my mid-thirties, I decided to take up piano lessons. I’m enjoying every bit of it. It’s challenging yet satisfying, and it’s a wordless activity that gives a nice break from writing.

3. People who inspire: One of the things I really like about my job is having the opportunity to meet interesting people. People with a philosophy to the way they think, function and work.

4. Rediscovering philosophy: Philosophy and psychology fascinate me to bits – as long as I don’t have to study for it. During my trip to Sydney last year, I carted home a number of great magazines, one of which was New Philosopher. The website is full of great reads. And for a humorous take on philosophy, check out Existential Comics. Sisyphus wasn’t spared.

5. Recycling made convenient: I’ve been making a conscious effort to recycle at home for the past three years at least. It’s been a hassle though bringing down the trash to the large recycling bin located a few blocks away. But recently, they’ve planted one at every HDB flat, which makes it ultra-convenient. It’s troubling and, frankly, disturbing to see people denying the effects of human impact on climate change. We might not become lifelong conservationists like Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough or do extreme yet admirable acts like the tree sitters at the redwood forest did, but the least we could do for the planet is the simple act of recycling.

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